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The task was to design a concept and wireframes for Lativan National Tourism Board mobile (iOS and Android) applications. The structure of the applications had to be created in a way that would allow to use the vast amount of data about tourism sights, accommodation etc. that was already available in website. (mobile apps and website use the same database). At the same time applications had to be more light-weight and had had a clear focus on the main content. It had to fully-use the geo-location functionality of the phones providing the user the data about vicinity and current location.

It was decided that the information architecture will be designed around the main content types - Sights, Accommodation, Dining Facilities, Events and Info Centers as this is the most important information that users are looking for on the go. The structure of the apps were designed so that it supports browsing behavior as well as known item searching and information re-finding.

Main Menu mobile main menu

Sights Nearby mobile main menu

Sight - Detailed View mobile main menu

Map mobile main menu

Bookmarks mobile main menu

Event Categories mobile main menu

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