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Rumas is a furniture company located in Denmark. Rumas had decided that their website has to be redesigned to become the central element of their marketing strategy. The goal was to design the site's information architecture so that it could facilitate the sales prospect interest, desire and increase sales. It also had to encourage the site's visitors to contact Rumas.

Research Phase

The research phase included examination of current site's organizational and navigational model and content. Interview with Rumas representative provided requirements for the future site as well as necessary background information.

Content Model of Current Rumas Website

Design Strategy - "Close to Real Showroom Experience"

The proposed design strategy was rooted in the research findings. It proposes to employ in the website design functional metaphors to represent the features that are available in the Rumas showroom. This approach was chosen to make the user experience more consistent between different sales channels (website and showroom) as well as to help the user to understand the site through the correspondence to the real world.

Strategical Use of Functional Metaphors

Proposed Organizational and Navigational Model

The proposed organizational model enables to use the power of associative navigation to facilitate cross-selling and up-selling. It is based on a notion that focus of the site should be on products therefore this section is connected horizontally to the rest of the site's sections.
To make the site's structure more predictable and consistent, it was also advised to place semantically similar together and to make more coherent content groups.

Proposed Organizational and Navigational Model

Metadata Scheme

In order to make the content presentation and administration more consistent it is advised to create and employ meta-data scheme. It should also support the organizational model and enable product filtering based on metadata value.

Metadata Scheme

Structural Design

Taking into consideration the proposed changes, improvements and strategic direction, design layouts for the main sections of the feature website were created.

Rumas Homepage

Structural Design - Homepage

Rumas Product Page

Structural Desing - Product Page

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