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Digital Marketing Strategy and Action Plan

A plan around business goals and customer needs that includes situation, audience and competitor analysis, objectives, strategies and tactics.

Information Architecture and User Experience

Information Architecture and User Experience is a backbone of every website or mobile application. It organizes information according to user needs and business objectices, enhances effectiveness and makes the information space more engaging.

Web Analytics Analysis

Skilful interpretation of data from web analytic systems like Google Analytics allows to see where improvements can be made and helps to increase conversion rates.

Content Strategy and SEO

Content strategy defines how you are going to use the content to meet your business objectives and satisfy you user needs. It guides decisions about content throughout its life-cycle and sets benchmarks that allows to measure the success of your content.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a tool that helps to understand user goals, tasks and discover product problem areas. It allows to create a product that is useful and easy to use as well as efficient and engaging.

Software Requirement Specifications

Software Requirement Specification establish the basis for agreement between the customer and the suppliers on what the product is to do. It describes the essential behavior of a software product from a user's point of view.